Diagnostic Laparoscopy

Dr Morgan and Dr Johnston have performed well over a 1000 Diagnostic Laparoscopies. This surgical procedure is part of most gynaecologists’ basic investigative operations. It is when a small telescope (laparoscope) is passed through a small incision(approximately 1 cm) in the umbilicus. This can usually be performed as a day procedure. Gynaecologists often use this to look for causes of pelvic pain such as endometriosis, adhesions (internal scarring), evidence of chronic infections as well as an infertility investigation to check fallopian tubes. It can usually be performed in day surgery with discharge the same day. This procedure does not always find a cause for the pelvic pain, however if it does simple problems can often be dealt with at the same time.

If the surgeon discovers or feels there may be a more difficult underlying condition such as endometriosis the patient may require overnight inpatient stay or a second operation.

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