Pelvic Floor Reconstruction

Dr Johnston and Dr Morgan have advanced expertise in this type of surgery offering both Laparoscopic “Keyhole” surgery or vaginal approaches. These are now well established as the best surgical approaches in terms of quicker recovery, less pain, less blood loss, less adhesions (internal scaring) and quicker return to work or normal life activities. In addition to these advantages both routes are cosmetically very pleasing for women (i.e tiny scars). These points are becoming more and more important as women of all ages, who are becoming more discerning, demanding higher standards of health care, busier than ever with work, looking after children and grandchildren. These approaches have replaced many traditional "open" (large abdominal scars). However traditional approaches do also have their place. Both consultants always in close consultation with their patients, tailor the best individual surgical approach.

Dr Johnston and Dr Morgan through fellowships have trained nationally & internationally in advanced surgery techniques to correct pelvic floor prolapse. They have very large surgical series and data on there outcomes.

Most of the patients who undergo surgery by either laparoscopic or vaginal surgery are discharged from hospital the next day and are back at work, driving and undertaking normal lifestyle activities 2 weeks after their operation.