Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

Pregnancy is an exciting time to enjoy and cherish.You're probably excited about your first scan because it gives you a first glimpse of your baby and their heartbeat.

Early pregnancy can also be a very worrying time for some women,particularly if they have had a previous miscarriage, or experience vaginal bleeding with or without cramping in a current pregnancy. The fetal heart can be seen with a vaginal (internal) scan by 6-7 weeks gestation or an abdominal (external) scan from approximately 8 weeks gestation. This only usually takes a few minutes but the confirmation of the baby’s heart is off course greatly reassuring for parents. This is non harmful for the developing baby. Early pregnancy scans are also an essential tool to diagnose ectopic pregnancy and useful in the early diagnosing twin pregnancies.

During the scan, Dr Johnston and Dr Morgan  will explain what is being seen and at the end of scan you will be given a formal report of the scan findings, which will also be fully explained to you.

How to Prepare for your scan

If you are less than 8 weeks pregnant this usually involves an internal or vaginal scan ideally with an empty bladder. If more than 8 weeks pregnant an abdominal or tummy scan is usually possible preferably with a full bladder

What you will receive

A report and scan pictures


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