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Early pregnancy and dating scans

Welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy! This is such an exciting time for you and your family, however we know that it can also be a very long wait from that first positive pregnancy test until your routine 12 week NHS scan. This is why we offer you an Early Scan in our private and caring clinic to enable you to see your little baby’s heartbeat for the first time and offer you reassurance.

It is so common for parents-to-be to worry about their baby and that all is well prior to the 12-week scan, especially if you have experienced some bleeding or cramping in those early weeks. We understand the importance of seeing your baby for the first time in an environment where you feel comfortable and can ask questions.

Our Early Scan, often called your first scan or dating scan, will be performed either internally or through your tummy depending on how many weeks pregnant you are at the time of your visit.
This can be booked from 6 weeks’ gestation (or 6 weeks from the first day of your last period) as this is the earliest we can detect your baby’s heartbeat using an internal scan. We do recommend that the scan is performed from 7 weeks in case there is any uncertainty over your dates.