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Is a condition when cells that line the womb (endometrium) are found outside the womb, usually in the pelvis. It affects up to 15% of women and you are more likely to have it if your mum or sister has had this condition. It is most common in women during your reproductive years.

Common symptoms are pelvic pain (especially cyclical), heavy painful periods, deep pain during sex, sub–fertility, pain when passing bowel motions or urinating particularly at the time of your period, low back pain, pain at the tops of your legs and chronic fatigue.

Gynaecologists will often perform a pelvic ultrasound to help diagnose the condition. The “gold standard” for diagnosis is an operation called a Laparoscopy, a telescopic investigation of your pelvis through your umbilicus (belly button).

There are many medical treatments available to treat endometriosis and most gynecologists will try these before putting a patient through surgery. However some patients will eventually undergo laparoscopy and it is very important that you pick your surgeon carefully. Endometriosis surgeons should have had. Both Dr Johnston and Morgan have had specialist formal training in endometriosis surgery. This is a chronic condition, and requires long term follow up and a timely diagnosis especially if sub-fertility is an issue.