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Heavy and painful periods

This accounts for at least a 25% of referrals that we receive and we understand how debilitating this can be for our patients, seriously affecting quality of life both socially and professionally. The pain and heavy bleeding can steal important days or even weeks from each monthly cycle, often limiting the kind of tasks you can perform, both at home and in your professional career.

At Northern Medical Women’s Health Clinic our experienced gynaecologists have a wide range of medical treatments available that can dramatically improve this condition. Simple and minimally invasive procedures such as “mirena” coil insertion and “endometrial ablation” can offer up to 90% success rates, in terms of improvement to your quality of life.

Surgery, in the form of hysterectomy is usually a last resort and is rarely necessary. However both Dr Morgan and Dr Johnston are highly trained surgeons and carry out most of their hysterectomies Laparoscopically “via keyhole surgery” or vaginally. Often a hysterectomy does not necessarily mean that your ovaries need removed, so menopause can be avoided. These surgical approaches mean most women are discharged from hospital after 24 hours and can resume nearly all normal activities including driving within 2 weeks.