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PCOS affects up to 20% of women. It causes abnormalities in periods, hormones, appearance and fertility. Women with this condition often have infrequent or sometimes no periods at all and can often be hereditary so is more common if your mother or sister has the condition.

Testosterone levels are often but not necessarily slightly elevated. In terms of appearance, women often suffer with oily skin or acne, increased body or facial hair (hirsuitism), loss of hair, being overweight (however this condition can also occur in women with normal weight profiles). There can also be long term health consequences, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, uterine (womb cancer) and depression.

Diagnosis can be difficult but requires a clinician taking a detailed history and often performing a vaginal ultrasound. With this condition it is very important to explore the patients symptoms and needs especially if sub-fertility is an issue. The team at NMWHC will listen to you and offer a detailed explanation of this condition along with individualized treatment options.